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What is Rhiza for Research?

Effective storytelling leaves a lasting impression. Use Rhiza for Research to combine your own data with the best syndicated datasets available to craft compelling presentations and campaigns.

Rhiza for Research uses all the data you have access to and integrates everything into a single platform, hosted in the cloud. That means you need nothing more than a browser and an internet connection to use our tools. In addition, our tools can be customized to fit your team, are designed to scale, and are constantly improving to make them faster and more powerful.

We think the following features really set us apart from the pack:

  • Data integration: Use multiple datasets in one tool. Need to create a story based on your own customer data combined with national trends in a Nielsen Scarborough Top-Tier Market® dataset? Not a problem in Rhiza for Research.
  • Data maintenance: We take care of curating, updating, and maintaining syndicated data sets like Nielsen Scarborough ™, IHS Polk®, L2 National Voter File, U.S. Census, and more.
  • Templates: Define the elements of the story your company wants to tell (for example, the data, visualizations, and layout) and create a template based on those. Let's say you want to tell 200 car dealers how each dealer is performing in his or her market over a set period of time, compared to its closest competitors and nationwide brand trends. Create the story one time and template it. Each time you want to create a unique story for a dealer, simply use the template, insert the specific dealer name and make values in place of the default values, and you're ready to go.
  • Quick learning curve: Unlike our competitors, there's no need to be an expert in databases or data science. No need, either, to have programming skills under your belt. Our tool is designed to be easy for everyone in your sales and marketing departments to learn and use, even if you've never coded a line of R or issued a single SQL query.
  • Professional, branded presentations: If you decide to export your Rhiza for Research presentation to Microsoft® PowerPoint®, your presentation is automatically branded with your company's logos and color schemes.

Rhiza is comprised of two editions:

  • Rhiza for Research: This edition contains the Research report, which is the newest and most robust tool for creating presentations. This documentation focuses on the Rhiza for Research Edition.
  • Legacy Reports: This edition contains all other report types, such as the Geographic report. (Report types vary by company.) Documentation for those reports is available in the knowledge base, which you can access from the Feedback and Support link at the top of any page in the product.

For more information on the editions, see Rhiza Editions: FAQs.


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