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Use an express report to create a presentation

Express reports allow you to quickly create presentations from a predefined set of templates while changing the values for some attributes to make the presentation customized for a specific customer.


  1. Navigate to the Reports tab, and then click the Research report icon.
  2. In the Research Templates section, click Express Reports -> Shared Express Reports to access the list of express reports that have been shared with you.

  3. Click the name of the express report you want to use to create your presentation. It opens a dialog box where you will need to fill in a few attribute values:

    • A: Enter a name for your presentation.
    • B: Determine whether you want to share your presentation.
    • C - H: Enter the presentation-specific attribute values. Each express report will have its own set of attributes.
  4. Click Create to generate the presentation within Rhiza for Research.
  5. Optionally, configure any visualizations so they appear they way you want them to.
  6. Click Save Presentation to save the presentation.
  7. Click Actions -> Generate PowerPoint to generate a PowerPoint version.
  8. Click Actions -> Download PowerPoint to download the slides to your local machine.

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