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Upload data

You can use Rhiza for Research to upload your own comma-separated value file (.csv) or an IBM® SPSS© Statistics file (.sav) using the information in this topic.

Before you begin

  • Read Considerations for uploading data before you start this task. It has important information on data preparation, privacy settings, and data typing.
  • For best results, datasets should have a maximum of 10,000 rows and 25 columns. If your dataset is too large and it fails to upload, contact customer support.
  • Once you upload a dataset, you cannot modify it either the data in it or the way the data is typed. The workaround is to delete the problematic dataset, make any necessary changes to the format, content, or both, and then upload the revised version.
  • Whenever possible, be specific when assigning data types to each column (for example, if you have data you know is a date, assign it the Date data type). If you know you want to group by the values in a particular column, consider assigning it the data type Category. This will give you a better experience when you're working with groupings in your target series.

Note: If your column has more than 70 values that you want to group or filter by, assign it a Text data type; this will still allow you to group and filter.


  1. From the Data Management tab, click Upload a Dataset.

    Figure 16: The Upload a Dataset buttonThe Upload a Dataset button

  2. Select the Rhiza edition you want to use the dataset in. You can upload a dataset to only one edition at a time.

    Note: If you want to use the same dataset in both Rhiza editions, you must upload it twice; once in each edition.

    The Upload a Dataset button prompts you to select an edition

    Figure 17: The Upload a Dataset button prompts you to select an edition for your dataset

  3. From the Upload a Dataset dialog box, click Choose File.

  4. Select the .csv or .sav file you want to upload, and then click Upload.
    Don't close the Upload a Dataset window until system finishes uploading the file.
  5. On the Data Management tab, describe your dataset (A), set the privacy leve (B), and assign a type to your data (C):


    1. (Optional) Update the information about your dataset. Good names and descriptions help you (and others, if you share the dataset) remember or determine what it contains.
    2. If you want to share your dataset with others so they can use it to make presentations, click Public.
    3. Assign a type for each column in your uploaded data. The system does its best to match your data to a type (for example, if you have a column labeled ZIP Code and all the cells in that column have five-digit numbers, the system automatically assigns type ZIP Code), but in many cases, you'll need to change the default type assigned. See Considerations for uploading data.
  6. When you're done, click Import Dataset.

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