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Types of user-uploaded data

Rhiza for Research supports three kinds of user-created data: Comma-separated value (CSV) files, IBM® SPSS® Statistics files (.sav), and custom geographies.

Uploaded .csv and .sav files

In a CSV file, each data field is separated by a comma (,). The first line of the file contains data fields that become the names of the columns for the rest of the rows in the file. Each column name must be unique. The rest of the lines contain data fields to fill out the dataset. An example appears below.

A .sav file is the binary output from the IBM SPSS Statistics tool; it is created by using the Output Management System (OMS) command and can be opened only in an editor that supports the .sav file type. Each column in the table is a variable in the data file.

Custom geographies

Custom geographies are user-created sets of geographic regions. You can create them in a geographic report by selecting the regions and clicking Create Custom Geography at the top of the report page.

By default, custom geographies are named with the user name and creation date. Geographic sets that you created appear with blue links in their titles; click a title to go to the edit page to modify the name or other properties.

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