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Search and browse survey-style datasets

Datasets that contain answers to survey questions can be challenging to use. Unless you are familiar with the questions and answers, you might not know where to find the information you want to visualize.

To help you use this kind of data in a presentation, Rhiza has pioneered a filter interface that lets you search a survey's questions and answer's by keyword to quickly find where that word appears. You can also browse the dataset by categories and individual questions.

Note: This system is currently available only in the Research report and only for a limited number of datasets. We are working hard to expand coverage to additional datasets. Contact us by using the Feedback & Support link if you want to know more.


To search for a term within the dataset, start typing in the search bar. Rhiza for Research returns each question and answer that exactly match the term you've typed. In the following example, I've typed yoga, and the system found the term yoga as answers to this question.

The results of searching for a term

I can see that there are 24 total answers (including yoga) for the question; if I want to see them, I can click Show All Options. In this way, I can select other answers for the question if I want to (remember: a target can have as many values for an attribute as you want). Maybe I realize that I actually want my target to include not just people who have done yoga, but also those who have biked or hiked, too.

The search matches questions, responses, and category names and helps you understand all the different ways that your term is included in the dataset. For example, you might have expected to see movie in the Leisure Activities category, but you might not have thought to look for it in the Publications category or the Internet Use/Computers category.

Search results for the term "movie" show the different categories it appears in

Figure 29: The search term movie shows up where you might expect it, under the Leisure Activities category, but maybe not in the Publications category (click to enlarge)

Search results for the term "movie" show the different categories it appears in

Figure 30: The search term movie shows up where you might not expect it (click to enlarge)

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