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Create and customize presentations

Presentations help you tell your data-driven story; they are a combination of the data and the visualizations that you created to answer your research questions. A presentation is, by default, online; however, you can also generate a PowerPoint version to share with others who don't have access to Rhiza for Research.

Presentations begin as reports, which simply mean that they are not saved. As soon as you add data and a visualization and save your work, the report becomes a presentation. It's stored in the cloud, always accessible by you in the Presentations tab.

You can start a presentation from several different paths: 

  • Selecting a specific report type (A), such as the Geographic report or the Research report
  • Selecting a visualization type (B)
  • Asking a question (C)
    (This feature is not yet available for all Rhiza for Research instances.)
  • Using a template (also A), which is a variation of the question

A typical Rhiza for Research home screen

Figure 23: Ways to start a presentation from the Rhiza for Research home page (your company's home page might look different)

What to do next

Create a presentation. See Create a new presentation.

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