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Visualization types

Rhiza for Research offers a number of visualization types. You can start a presentation by picking any one of the following: 


The table visualization gives you a straightforward way to show and analyze your data results. The table has options for sorting and exporting data, and also includes some calculated values to help you understand the information.


The map visualization displays geographic data to help the you understand complex information and relationships. It's often used in tandem with a table visualization to help fully explain the data insights.

Column and bar charts

Bar chart and column chart visualizations let you compare data values in your report with a colorful and easy to understand graphic visualization.

Line chart

The line chart visualization records individual data values on a graph and uses a line to connect the data points to visually illustrate changes between each point.

Scatter plot

The scatter plot visualization plots data points on a horizontal and a vertical axis to show the relationship between attribute variables.

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