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Getting Started

Want to start creating beautiful, insightful graphics based on your data? It's as easy as picking the visualization you want to use, selecting a dataset, and creating the filters to narrow down the dataset to only the information you want to see.

The basic workflow looks like this:


You can also watch our "The Basics" video to understand the basic workflow, or take one of our brief tutorials to create a quick, one-section presentation just to get your feet wet.

Note: You must have access to either IHS Polk New Registrations or Scarborough Local datasets to complete these tutorials.

A Getting Started Checklist

Of course, with a tool as powerful as Rhiza for Research, you can really dig into the data and visualizations to examine multiple aspects of your story. To get started, we recommend the following checklist:

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Tutorial: Create your first presentation (Scarborough Local dataset)

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