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Rhiza empowers you to tell effective data stories. Get started with a few short videos, then get savvy with detailed training resources.

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Define landscape trends in seconds, no matter the audience, industry or location. Hone in on the issues that matter to your customers and the unique value your solutions offer. If the conversation shifts, adapt your pitch with the push of a button.

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Getting Started with Rhiza for Research

Want to start creating beautiful, insightful graphics based on your data? Use our Getting Started guide to understand the basic workflow of Rhiza and quickly start making data-driven pitches to decision-makers.

Get Started

Tour the Rhiza for Research Interface

Get to know the Rhiza interface. Learn about Presentations, Reports, Templates, Express Reports, and Data Management.

Tour the Interface

Rhiza for Research Video Tutorials

Learn how to tell data-driven stories with Rhiza.

Learn the Basics

There's no need to be an expert in databases or data science to get started with Rhiza. Learn the Rhiza basics in this quick tutorial. (2:24)

Tour the Interface

Rhiza has a robust set of features to help you get the most out of your data. Learn about the interface, presentations, templates, datasets, and more. (8:08)

Rhiza Training: Target Series - An Introduction (Part 1)

The first part of this training series introduces the powerful new target series feature. We create one that we'll use in later sessions. (15:29)

Rhiza Training: Target Series - Creating Multiple Series In a Section (Part 2)

Create & visualize target series with different datasets and groupings. (31:19)

Configure Visualizations

Rhiza includes a rich, flexible charting and mapping library that allows you to fine-tune the visual aids you need to make your pitch. (1:46)

Aggregate to Grouping

When used in conjunction with data series, groupings allow you to easily make comparisons between groups of data. (2:51)

Copying Sections

Learn how to duplicate a section to quickly iterate on your research. (0:59)

Points on a Map

How to plot locations on a map from a dataset in the Rhiza for Research tool. (3:50)

Basic Boolean Logic

How to use ANDs, ORs, and NOTs for greater expressive power in the Rhiza for Research tool's filtering system. (2:16)

Create and Use a Template

Learn to create a template from a finished presentation, and how to use that same template to generate a new presentation. (3:04)

Use an Index (Context Series)

How to configure your data series, context series and visualization to correctly display and use an index. (6:26)

Using Indexes in Geographic Reports

The Geographic report can calculate index values from the ratios from one geography to another. (10:47)