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Generate a Microsoft PowerPoint version of your presentation

To share or present your findings with others, create a Microsoft PowerPoint version of your presentation. Every part of your presentation -- from labels to individual geographic shapes -- is editable within the generated PowerPoint.

Before you begin

You might want to use the Export Preview function to see an approximation of what your slides will look like. See Use export preview for more information.


  1. Open your presentation.
  2. Generate the PowerPoint as follows, depending on the type of report you used to create the presentation.
    From a Research report
    1. Optionally, click Export Preview to see what your slides are going to look like. This gives you an opportunity to go back into the presentation and make any changes necessary to get the kind of output you want.
    2. Click Actions > Generate PowerPoint. The Actions button changes to include a spinner so you can see the progress of your presentation.
      If your presentation has a lot of sections or visualizations, it can take some time to generate the PowerPoint.
    3. Download your presentation by clicking Actions > Download PowerPoint.
    From a Geographic report
    1. Ensure that you have captured at least one slide.
    2. Optionally, open the presentation in edit mode (A) and modify any of the settings, including the title and the order of the slides.

    3. Click the download icon (B) to generate and automatically download the PowerPoint version of your presentation.
  3. Optionally, open the PowerPoint version of the presentation and make any changes you need.

What to do next

If you make changes to your presentation after you've generated the PowerPoint, the Actions button prompts you to update your PowerPoint presentation as well.

You can also use the Actions button to delete the presentation if you decide you don't want to keep it.

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