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An express report is a set of two or more templates that are put together in a specific order to create a consistent, repeatable presentation that is personalized for a customer or brand. Like with templates, certain attributes in express reports are unlocked and must be filled in by the user. This is what allows them to be customizable.

So why use an express report instead of a template? As of now, templates tell a smaller story; they can capture only a single section in your presentation. An express report, on the other hand, can tell the full story by using multiple templates pulled together into a cohesive order.

As of now, users cannot create express reports. Please contact Rhiza customer support if you're interested in learning more about the process of having one made for your company.


Sarah supports a sales team who pitches cable ad sales to quick serve restaurants (QSRs) across the country. The QSR decision makers love to see Sarah's detailed presentations on how their stores are performing:

  • Nationally
  • Nationally, compared to their top competitors
  • In high-stakes local markets
  • In high-stakes local markets, compared to their top competitors
  • In high-stakes local markets, compared to the QSR's national performance

Finally, they appreciate the demographic information about their patrons; it helps them target their messaging more effectively.

However, Sarah finds herself spending hours creating each presentation for each QSR. The time required is limiting the number of restaurants her team can approach.

Sarah works with Rhiza to create an express report that tells the story her team needs to show the customers, making sure that the pieces that need to be customized (the QSR name, the competitors, the markets) are all unlocked attributes in the express report.

Now each time her team goes into the field, they simply run the express report by adding the values for the QSR they're visiting that day.

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