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Before committing your presentation to a PowerPoint, you can use the Export Preview function to see what your visualizations might look like on a slide.

The following screen capture shows what a report looks like in regular mode; it has four visualizations. The author is pretty sure that not all of these will fit onto a single PowerPoint slide. Therefore, she decides to use the Export Preview mode (denoted by the green arrow below) to see what she might get in her PowerPoint version.

A working version of a presentation with four visualizations

A set of four visualizations in regular presentation mode

The Export Preview mode uses a dashed gray line to show her what will fit onto a slide, as shown in this screen capture:

The same presentation in Export Preview mode

The author's intuition was right; not all of her visualizations were going to fit on a single slide. In fact, most of her table rows are going to overhang the slide area significantly.

In this situation, you have a few choices:

  • You can create a new section to contain the visualizations that will overhang the slide area.
  • You can create the PowerPoint as is, and do any cleanup work inside PowerPoint itself.
  • You can edit the visualizations either in regular mode or Export Preview mode until you are happy with what you will see on the slide. Edits might include resizing visualizations, limiting the number of rows or columns to show, or rearranging visualizations to make better use of the space.
When you are in Export Preview mode and make changes to your visualizations, those changes persist when you return to the regular working state in the presentation.

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