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Upload and manage data

Rhiza for Research's Data Management tab (A) is the place to turn when you want to know what datasets you have or when you want to upload your own data.

By default, the tab shows you uploaded .csv or .sav datasets that are available on your Rhiza for Research instance. However, you can use the buttons at the top of the table (B) to see user-created custom geographies or syndicated datasets.

You can search for datasets by name or keyword. For uploaded datasets, you can also use the column sorting functions to find datasets based on who contributed them, when they were uploaded or modified, or how they are described.

The Data Management tab

Data Management tab

If the dataset is one that you've uploaded, you'll notice that it's hyperlinked; clicking that link enables you to edit the name, description, contributor name, and privacy settings for the dataset.

Use the Actions button (C) to do the following tasks, depending on whether you uploaded the dataset:

Download the .csv or .sav file to your local machine You might want to download a dataset to see the raw data, or even to update it and upload a newer version. You can download any dataset, regardless of who uploaded it.
Share or hide the dataset This action is available only if you are the one who uploaded the dataset. When the dataset is shared, everyone who has access to the Rhiza for Research instance can see the dataset in this tab, as well as use it in visualizations or download it. If the dataset is private, only you can see and use it.
Delete the dataset This action is available only if you are the one who uploaded the dataset.


If you want to upload a new dataset, use the Upload a Dataset button (D).

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