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Create and use templates and express reports

If you find yourself or your team creating a similar presentation over and over, templates and express reports are a great way to streamline your workflow. Once you have the presentation looking just the way you want, make a template from it so that future presentations are not only quick, but consistent.

A template is a saved set of visualizations, configurations and layout for a dataset (the dataset cannot be changed in a template). It typically includes one or more data series and the category (Research reports), and at least one of the attribute values, the category, or both are unlocked. When an attribute value or the category is unlocked, that means anyone using the template can quickly specify the value or category they need for their particular presentation.

An express report is simply a longer-form template that can include multiple sections of a presentation. Remember that each section can contain a different dataset. For an example of how an express report might be used, see Express reports.

For an example of how a template might be used, see Templates.

The process for creating a template differs between Research-based presentations and Geographic report-based presentations.

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