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Adding and configuring visualizations

In a Research report-based presentation, you can add as many visualizations as you need; you can even add multiple visualizations of the same type but with different configurations to show different aspects of the data.

To add a visualization, click Add Viz and pick the visualization type you want. Rhiza for Research fully supports tables, column and bar charts, and maps. Line charts and scatter plots are available but are not formally supported yet.

Click Add Viz to add a visualization

Figure 40: Add Viz button

When you add a new visualization, it's added to the top of the page and it has the following general settings by default:

  • 1x height (this is the smallest height a visualization can have)
  • full-page width

You can customize any visualization, as well as the size and order in which they appear on the page. In addition, you can add notes for a visualization to help provide context for the sales user (or anyone else) who will be using the visualization to tell the sales story.


What to do next

Now that you've added a visualization, customize it. See Configuring a visualization.


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