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Rhiza for Ad Sales

Rhiza for Ad Sales applications offer you a wealth of data-driven insights to help you accelerate the sales cycle for broadcast ad slots that are optimized for the target audience. The applications use leading datasets (such as IHS Polk, Nielsen Scarborough, and L2 National Voter File) and proprietary algorithms to deliver optimized media recommendations so you can personalize your sales pitch for each customer in a matter of minutes.

With only a few pushes of a button, you can be confident that you're telling each customer the most up-to-date, personalized story with information that will surprise, enlighten, and help close the sale.

Before you use a Rhiza for Ad Sales application, take a minute or two to check out the information in the help topic for that application so you can really understand the application and its insights. Spending just a few minutes here will help you share the most powerful (yet simple and direct) story with your customers.

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