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Polk New Registrations & Polk Used Registrations

Have questions about new or used car registrations and what kind of sales story they can help you tell? The IHS Polk New Registrations and IHS Polk Used Registrations datasets have answers.

Questions you might ask and answer with the IHS Polk datasets


The IHS Polk datasets offer a comprehensive picture of car sales in the United States by combining the following kinds of information:

  • Registration data for new and used cars, including the make, model, and selling dealer
  • Hyper-localized geographic information about registrations and dealers
  • Demographic information about buyers, such as age, gender, income, and ethnicity

Use this information to create detail-rich presentations that can show dealer market share, buying trends (perhaps by geography, or maybe by a target demographic), breakdowns of registrations by various factors (by dealer, by make or model, by a geographic element, by a demographic element), and more.


Frequency of updates

IHS Polk releases data each month, though that data is for a previous month. (For example. June registration data is released in the middle of August; this delay allows IHS Polk to thoroughly collect all registration data for the month of June.)

Rhiza also updates our data monthly, typically within a few days of receiving the updates from IHS Polk.


Geographic coverage

The Polk datasets offer varied levels of coverage for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more detailed information on the information each state provides, see Polk Data Collection and Methodology.

Figure 18: The IHS Polk Selling Dealer Data Availability map, provided by IHS Polk (click to enlarge)


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