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Modify sections in a presentation

Hold your mouse pointer over a thumbnail and then click the triangular control to open the thumbnail actions menu.

Section actions menu

You can select these options:

  • Copy - Create a new section identical to this section. You can change filter and visualization settings to show a slightly different story. (If you want to create a new empty section, use the New Section button below the last thumbnail instead.)
  • Delete - Remove this section permanently from the presention.
  • Disable or Enable - Disable a section to exclude it from PowerPoint exports. Disabled sections appear in the online presentation only; they aren't converted to PowerPoint slides when you create a downloadable file.

Reordering sections

You can reorder sections by dragging the thumbnails within the left panel.

Changing the order of sections

Renaming sections

Each section has its own title. You can edit the title by clicking it in the main panel of the presentation.

Saving sections

All sections are saved automatically along with the rest of the presentation. If you create a Microsoft PowerPoint file of your presentation, each section becomes one or more slides, in the order in which the section thumbnails appear. (PowerPoint export is a separate step; read Generate a Microsoft PowerPoint version of your presentation to learn more.)

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